Jan 31, 2011

LTdL 2011 - Stage 9 Photos & Quotes

"Today’s race was faster, it was always attacks, attacks, attacks. The last 20 kilometres to go and I was really lucky to be there, when we start to work I think of the chance to be in this group and not about the winner (Monsalve) because we have many very strong guys. On the breakaway was Robert Forster it’s very difficult for the sprint but I’m going in the attack in the last breakaway and is going very good.”

(on how he attacked) “The others they look at everyone but nobody can do it, maybe don’t want to do it and want to do it because it’s 2 kilometres to go, everybody is thinking about the sprint but not about the attack in the last 2 kilometre. But easily I go to sprint and it was all breakaway so that’s 5 seconds before the breakaway group, I’m very happy.”

“This is my best result, we were in search already 9 days for this result and we’re really happy, it was expected for me and my team.”

(Comparing his win with other races) “This is different, it’s not Hainan, it’s not Qhinghai Lake, it’s a different race with different organisation, different people, always different riders, every race is not the same race.”

“I really like Malaysia, I was here 7 or 8 years ago and I really like its people and its popular, I really like the organisation, I expected it not to rain like yesterday but that’s unexpected.”

Boris Shpilevsky, Tabriz Petrochemical


“Yes it is a sprinter who won today in the breakaway, Boris did well going in the breakaway, he found the right breakaway so he deserves the win; he has done a great race.”

“In my team we had Miyazawa in the first group so we gave him the green light to go for the victory, as for myself at 3 kilometre to go I decided to not sprint for maybe 4 or 5 points, they are not really needed. I have chosen to preserve some energy for tomorrow.”

“Yes we have Miyazawa in the front group and its fair to also give a chance to the other riders in the team to try and win, I wasn’t at 100 percent of my capacity today because day after day I feel bit tired and the essential today was to consolidate my blue jersey and keep some strength for tomorrow.”

Andrea Guardini, Farnese Vini – Neri Sottoli


“It has been another very hard stage and once again my whole team has worked a lot, when I’ve seen the 1 kilometre to go to the first sprint I was marking Libardo to make sure that he wasn’t getting seconds from me. I also realised the sprinters were not going for the sprints so I sprinted and gained 3 seconds, it makes me more quiet for tomorrow when I have to preserve the lead.”

(Strategy for tomorrow – stage 10) “Not yet, we’ll go to the hotel tonight and once it’s quieter we’ll have a meeting but for sure we’ll pace the bunch tomorrow until the end. We have the jersey, we have 5 seconds lead, it’s not much so we haven’t won the race yet.”

Jonnathan Monsalve, Androni

Jan 30, 2011

Quotes for Stage 8

“For sure it's the best breakaway the season, it's a great feeling, so I change the view this year and we work hard in the winter, but the winter in Germany was very cold some After 3 or 4 stages but now the legs are good, and it's great work from the team in the last 5 kilometre.

“Yeah I know that the Drapac guy (David Pell) was in front but my team goes the last kilometre from the front so I passed the corner of the first and then I take the sprint and hope nobody comes behind me.”

“Today was close for me, yesterday was close for Italian sprinter so maybe it’s close tomorrow for sure.”

“It’s been rainy but it’s not cold, 24 degrees so nobody is cold. It’s a hard race but it’s not so hard like 20 degrees below.”

“It feels good, the team works hard yesterday also and yesterday it was close, I was second but in the end I was fast so I think also today I have good legs and I told my team ‘ok, in the last kilometre go go go full gas with all you have’ yeah so it happened.”

(About tomorrow’s stage) “I don’t know, I hope it’s not raining tomorrow and we can ride an easier race.”

(About Andrea Guardini) “Yeah, he’s fast yesterday, when he start he has so much power, also he’s young… it’s perfect, 4 to 5 stages before I have bad legs after the winter but now is okay.”

Robert Forster, Unitedhealthcare


“I must thank my team for the good work that has been done since the beginning of the stage, at the first hotspot sprint I managed to finish second and got 2 seconds bonus that makes me equal on time with Libardo and then the team has worked again to take me to the second hotspot sprint and since I was second again there I get another second and now I’m the leader of Le Tour de Langkawi.”

“No I cannot say that I have won the race, the team will for sure work a lot in the last two stages, until I cross the finish-line in Kuala Lumpur, I cannot say I am the winner.”

“With such weather today with the rain, it has made the race harder and I was afraid that there’s so many sprinters who what to go to the hotspot sprints but fortunately no one really sprint and I managed to get second place in the hotspot sprints.”

(about maintaining the 2 second lead) “Yes, you’re right it’s been very difficult to gain those 2 seconds especially against all the sprinters but I’ve also been fast. I’m happy to have now the 2 seconds and really looking forward to keep it until the stage in Kuala Lumpur.”

Jonnatha Monslave, Androni

Jan 29, 2011

Quotes for stage 7

"It was a different sprint from the previous days, because not many people expected such a finish. Looking at the road book, it was a false flat uphill, but in reality the last 2 kilometre was downhill. But I handled the situation, I took the corner in 5th position and that was the ideal position and I did 300 metres finishing flat out"

"I have decided not to race for hotspot sprints anymore and keep all my strength for the finish. Thanks to the breakaway no hotspot sprint was contested so Anuar was not able to take more points on the way, now I have a comfortable lead but it's not over yet for the blue jersey."

"Yes I definitely prefer the long sprints. when I can start 250 or 300 metres before the line, I am quite explosive to start sprinting and then I can keep my progression til the end."

Andrea Guardini, Farnese Vini - Neri Sottoli


"This stage has been little bit difficult for me because my team is not very strong, however it went without problems, the circumstances of the race have helped me because other teams have worked strongly and there were riders away to catch the bonuses."

Lobardo NiƱo Corredo, LeTua Cycling Team


"We thought today was a good day to take the yellow jersey because the road book showed an uphill finish, that's why we let a breakaway go because we thought I could take the yellow jersey with uphill finish. Unfortunately the finish was downhill and there was nothing to get."

Jonnatha Monsalve, Androni

QUOTES for Stage 6

“I am very happy anyway to win the stage today, eventhough I have lost the Points jersey. It’s a great achievement to get three stage win after four so far. There were big battles for the hotspot sprints and the classification by points is very tight. Anuar Manan is extremely determined to win this classification. There's only one point gap between us but I'm fine with it.”


“This has been the fastest stage with many attacks to break away. The race started very fast from the gun. When there was a break away for the second hotspot sprint, fortunately Andrea’s team has worked a lot to close the gap with the breakaway riders. My team mate told me about the course up till the end and that's how I kept my yellow jersey today.”


“This was the fastest stage. When there was a break away, there was one rider dangerous on the GC that’s why our team has gone to the front of the bunch to catch the break away. There are four more stages remaining. We can see that the sprinters are very focus on scoring points. It’s gonna be hard but we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.”


“Today I did not reach my target yet (for stage win) but I keep the blue jersey. I would like to thank my team mates who have worked hard.

“I would like to keep the blue jersey until the end. My personal target, I will try to win at least one stage. Today it my second time in second position... not so happy. I will try again tomorrow.”


“Today we tried to keep our first place in the team. Since sprinters are dominant in this kind of route, we planned to do break-aways and to be in the front group and try to hold the bunch together.”


QUOTES for Stage 5

“I want to say thank you to the whole team. Everyone has worked very well for me especially Emanuele Sella. In the climb, he did a great job for me. And I want to thank Gianni Savio who gave me confident. He told me that I could win the race today and we made it.”

“We had rain and sun in the flat part of the stage. But I knew there would be bad weather up here. I feel good. I’ve done exactly what Savio told me to do. I remain on the wheel of Pozzovivo, and in the sprint I played it well with the help of Sella at 1km to go.”

“Now we have to think about tomorrow. But at first I have to speak to Savio whats gonna happen next. There are five remaining stages with sprints. I hope to maintain the jersey.”


“To say the truth, I am very happy today. I am very happy to lead the LTdL and to be in Malaysia. I really don’t know much about this country before I came and it is even better than what I expected.”

“Now I hope I will able to maintain the lead until finish of the tour. This is my last race at continental level. I hope for the best. After this race I will return to Colombia and race at the amateur level.”

“Remaining stages are relatively flat. I will counter my team and pay attention to the riders who are close to me on General Classification. I have to pay attention because its very tight.”


“Fortunately we have two stages with break-aways. So, the riders in the break-away took the points. That gives us two rest days. I manage to recover a bit and get the energy back for the five coming stages. These five stages will be very hard for me.”

“I’m not talking about the course because it is pretty flat. But there are many points up for grabs and many sprint. I will try to retain this lead mostly with stage finishing as well as trying for sprint points.”


Jan 27, 2011

LTdL 2011 - Stage 4 Photos & Quotes

“The weather from the start of the climb was rainy and we had to slow down, however later the pace increased for the downhill. I had to be very careful because the roads were wet and slippery. In the end I managed to catch up with the leading group and made a sprint to the finish.”

“I’m really really happy to get a stage win today. I prepared to get a good result in the mountain stages, usually in the sprint finishes I don’t feel confident but this time I trusted myself and I went for it.”

“Maybe one of the factors for my win today was the training I did earlier in Langkawi for us to acclimatize to the weather and the surroundings.”

For the next climb tomorrow (Genting Highlands) again, I will my very best. I will focus and hope to ride the best that I can.”


“At the last kilometer, I was hoping for a stage win but I saw the Japanese rider was faster than me. I’ve lost the win for first place but I’m still happy because second in the stage is a good result for my team. I hope I’ll do well tomorrow for general classification.”


“Today we tried to finish in the first bunch with my teammate. He was attacking for the Hors category, KOM, and he win this mountain point. After that the peloton came together in the downhill. The road was very slippery. I’m happy with the third place in this stage and hope that we can get better result in Genting Highlands tomorrow.”

“My teammate, Rahim Emami, he is a good climber. And our tactic is to win the Hors category KOM. We will try to it tomorrow.”


“Today is a climbing stage and I managed to get over it. Tomorrow will be harder and because of the short stage, I hope can manage the climb to the top.”


Jan 25, 2011

LTdL 2011 - Stage 3 Photos & Quotes

"At first I have to say a big thank you to my team. The lead out worked really well. I got the best position I could have for sprinting."

"When I look at our team here, I see two good climbers and two good sprinters. For sprinting, we have Kenny van Hummel and myself. Today Kenny said he preferred to help me out, so I had the privilege to go into the sprint with him and Koen de Kort in front of me. We don’t want to focus on only one person at Skil-Shimano. The whole team is really strong. "

"When I got the call for Le Tour de Langkawi, I was a little bit afraid because racing in January is very early and it’s new to me. It’s completely different than what I’m used to in Europe. I feel a bit strange to begin my career in Asia where I’ve never raced before but I like it actually. I like the heat. The conditions for racing here are really good. It’s a nice country. People are very friendly. When I look at the eyes of the spectators, I feel that cycling is still something new to them."

"I didn’t know about the history of all these riders like Alessandro Petacchi who have collected their first pro win here or started their career here like Paolo Bettini. But it’s nice to hear. As far as my future is concerned, I don’t want to compare myself with other riders. I’m known as a time triallist, especially since I got the bronze medal at the U23 world championship last year, but I want to show during my first year as a pro that I can also be fast in the sprints. Today is a good start."

Marcel Kittel (Skil Shimano)

“I’m quite disappointed to loose the stage. It is difficult to keep going at the high level. Anyway, he had done a good work today. I will try to keep the yellow and blue jersey. I tried to win the sprint and the team had done everything to get into a bunch finish.”

“Tomorrow is another hard stage. Some people might think that it is easier for sprinters but we have to fight hard for the blue jersey and points. And it is not an easy thing to go up the climb.”

“Tomorrow it will be impossible to keep the yellow jersey but I hope to keep the blue jersey and remain it until the last stage in Kuala Lumpur.”


“This is the third stage and it’s also flat like the days before. Today’s effort I got second place. I am disappointed but we almost achieved our target for stage win, after this there more flat stages to come.”

“For tomorrow and the day after, I will try to get a good placing with the group in the climb so that I can continue my battle for the stages to come.”

“Today I received incentive from CEO of LTdL, and I am really grateful. This will further motivate my team to work even harder.”


Jan 24, 2011

LTdL 2011 - Stage 2 Photos & Quotes


“I’m very happy. Today’s win showed that yesterday’s win was not a coincidence. I must say a big thank you to my team because they rode in front from the first to the last kilometer and Favilli drove me to the front with a few hundreds meter to go and I finish the job.”


“My target is trying to get point jersey but winning the Asian Jersey is a bonus for me. For today, my target and my teammate’s target is to win the stage and also collect more points.”

“First intermediate and second intermediate, they were some break-away riders. For today, I am also happy not being involved in the crashes. And I’m happy with the third place, tomorrow I will collect more points and to get closer with the Yellow Jersey holder.”


“I think everybody knew after yesterday that there is a fair a bit chance I was to be in a bunch sprint. A lot of guys wanted to actually be in a break-away. So as soon as two guys went up the road...just let the two Italian do the job for us and bring us to the finishing line. It is still a long race and many hard days to come.”


Jan 23, 2011

LTdL 2011 - Stage 1 Photos & Quotes

"This is my first professional race, that’s why I didn’t believe that I win the stage today. But I enjoy the race and will repeat the winning in the other stages."

"I will try to hold the jersey until stage three. Maybe at stage four since the stage is very hard for me, I will have to leave the jersey to someone else."


"I am happy with second place. This is the first time I spotted a place in top ten list."


"I am happy with the third place. Anuar helped me alot to win the stage today. I worked well with Anuar, and helped him to collect points in the Sprint zones. At the last part, Anuar helped me to get a placing at the stage."

"I didn’t expect to get a placing, it’s the biggest race for me and this is the first time ever. I can’t believe I got third place today!"
BAHASA : Saya bekerjasama baik dengan Anuar. Saya tolong Anuar untuk kutip mata di Sprint Zone. Dan di last stage, Anuar pula tolong saya untuk mendapat kedudukan hari ini.

Saya tak percaya dapat menang stage hari ini. Ini adalah perlumbaan besar bagi saya. Dan ini kemenangan pertama kali buat saya sendiri. Saya pun tak percaya lah dapat nombor tiga hari ini.


"I tried to do a really aggressive race today. Then I was caught by the group of chasers. I was thinking to get points for this first race."

"I decided to stay away again. We are working very well enough together and will try to go for a stage win again tomorrow."

"I won (Mountains classification) today. Genting Highland and Cameron Highlands are actually really hard for me. I will try to get a couple of points here and there. Eventhough it is hard for me, I will try, that’s for sure."